Paver Patio Installation

Wood might be great for decks, but when it comes to patios, pavement is king. A paver patio provides you with near endless options to decorate your backyard in a way that’s unique and beautiful. Plus it’s much easier to maintain than a wooden deck or porch. 

At Natures Own, we can design and install the perfect paver patio to match your home’s aesthetic, and your personal budget. For paver patios in Dayton, OH, contact Natures Own.

Advantages of a Paver Patio 

In addition to simply looking good, paver patios offer some great advantages over other options. First, there’s design versatility. Paver patios can be made with stone, concrete, or brick. They come in a wide range of colors and can be stained for further styling. 

Despite the great appearance, a paver patio is surprisingly affordable. They’re also cheaper to repair than pouring a full concrete slab. Additionally, they last a long time, saving you more money down the road. 

With a paver patio, you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance. You may have to spray and pull a few weeds, but otherwise, they hold up well on their own. 

Use a Professional 

Though a paver patio might not seem like a complex feat of engineering, it’s not something home owners should try and do themselves. In addition to proper training and experience, an array of tools are needed to properly install the patio including plate compactors, levelers, concrete saws, and more. 

A paver patio needs to be installed securely on a solid foundation that is level. Otherwise, shifting and gaps can occur leaving you with a patio that’s lacking in stability and beauty. 

Take the First Step 

The first step in owning a beautiful paver patio is to contact a professional. They can guide you on options, styles, designs, and more, all the while operating within your budget. For paver patios in Dayton, OH, Natures Own is here for you. 

We a decade of professional experience in patios, landscape care, hardscape design, and more. If you’re ready to beautify your home’s exterior, give us a call at (937) 605-5254 or contact us here.