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About Natures Own, LLC.

Vision: Enhance and transform the beauty of God’s natural landscapes.

Mission: To provide enhancements to natural landscapes.

Purpose: To help others experience the peace, pride, and perfection of nature within their environment.

Natures Own is a family-owned and operated business in the Springfield, Ohio area. With humble beginnings, Natures Own started in 2007 as a lawn maintenance and snow removal company. The owner, BJ Hamilton, had been working in the landscaping industry for 6 years prior to the launch of this company. He became passionate about enhancing landscapes and began studying the art of paver installation, fence construction, pond creation, and much more. In the spring of 2015, he decided to take a giant leap of faith, quit his full-time managerial position, and focus solely on his passion: Natures Own. BJ has adopted a wonderful Natures Own team. Natures Own prides itself on excellent customer service, superior workmanship, employee satisfaction, and community service.

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