Our Team

BJ Hamilton

BJ Hamilton: Owner

16 years experience in the landscaping industry
Nickname: BJ (His real name is William (Billy) Joseph)
Family: Wife-Kelly; Children- Taylor, Hope, and Hue
Interesting Fact: BJ was the BMX state-champ at 7 years old. He was also 8th in the nation at this age.
Important Verse: Matthew 16:25
Kelly Hamilton copy

Kelly Hamilton: Marketing & Office Manager

9 years experience as a public school teacher + 3 years as a social worker + 1 year as the Natures Own Office Manager and director of marketing
Nickname: Bubba Reece Cup (Kelly could destroy a bag of Reece Cups in her younger years!)
Family: Husband-BJ; Children- Taylor, Hope, and Hue
Interesting Fact: Kelly’s left foot is a half-size bigger than her right.
Important Verse: Psalm 23:1-4
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Taylor Hamilton: Smile-Maker

Student and daughter of BJ and Kelly Hamilton
Nickname: Tay
Family: Hamilton parents-BJ and Kelly; Yost parents-Angel and Trevor; Siblings- 4 sisters and 1 brother
Interesting Fact: Taylor is the tallest female in her family

Bj Hamilton


Kelly Hamilton

Marketing & Office Manager

Taylor Hamilton

Smile - Maker
Hope Hamilton

Hope Hamilton: Hug-Distributor

Student and daughter of BJ and Kelly Hamilton
Nickname: Britches (We are unsure of the origin of this name. Ask BJ.)
Family: Father-BJ; Mom-Kelly; Siblings-Taylor and Hue
Interesting Fact: Hope is a passionate singer and pianist.
Important Verse: Psalm 119:105

Hope Hamilton


Baby Hamilton: Cuddle Bug

Child of BJ and Kelly Hamilton

Family: Father-BJ; Mother-Kelly; Siblings-Taylor and Hope

Important Verse: 1 Samuel 1:27

Baby Hue

Cuddle Bug
Mauricio Bernardino

Mauricio Bernardino: Hardscape Foreman

Nickname: Mitch
Family: Married with 2 daughters and 1 son
Hobbies: Grilling for family and friends, loves nature and home projects.

Mauricio Bernardino

Hardscape Foreman
Jason Hanely

Jason Hanely: Landscape Maintenance Foreman

Nickname: Chewbikea
Family: Married with a newborn son
Hobbies: Frisbee golf, spending time with family, hiking and camping.

Jason Hanely

Landscape Maintenance Foreman
Steve (1)

Steve Jackson: Project Manager

Steve is a father of 2 and comes to us with a plethora of landscaping experience and knowledge.

Steve Jackson

Project Manager