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Natures Own is a family-owned and operated business in the Springfield, Ohio area. With humble beginnings, Natures Own started in 2007 as a lawn maintenance and snow removal company. The owner, BJ Hamilton, had been working in the landscaping industry for 6 years prior to the launch of this company. He became passionate about enhancing landscapes and began studying the art of paver installation, fence construction, pond creation, and much more. In the spring of 2015, he decided to take a giant leap of faith, quit his full-time managerial position, and focus solely on his passion: Natures Own. BJ has adopted a wonderful Natures Own team, including his wife (Kelly) and his children (Taylor, Hope, and Baby Hamilton arriving in August of 2017). Natures Own prides itself on excellent customer service, superior workmanship, employee satisfaction, and community service.

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Building Landscape Dreams


We have the tools

We have ability to create the unique landscape design for each of our clients.


15 years of experience

We guarantee you will be satisfied with every small detail of your landscape.


Unique design

If you want beautiful, unique and comfortable design, this is the spot for you.


Individual approach

Collaboration with clients is the key to creating a functional and unique design.


Green guarantee

We guarantee that your plants will be in perfect condition for many years.


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Landscape Installation

Fall Landscaping Projects

It’s the month of October, which traditionally is the time of year everyone switches into fall mode. Between school starting back up and pumpkin spice lattes all around, it’s hard to not anticipate the upcoming season change. We know, however, there is plenty of warm weather ahead as we finish out the month. If you […] Read More

Retaining Walls: More Than a Decorative Feature

Some of the most impressive landscape designs out there usually include some sort of brick, concrete, paver, or any other hardscape features. These features really anchor a landscape design and elevate it to the next level. Not only that, but they usually add beautiful contrast to the greens and other colors of your lawn and […] Read More

How to Keep Your Outdoor Pond Water Clean

Whether You have a big sprawling backyard or a smaller garden oasis, adding a pond to your outdoor landscaping can be incredibly effective in providing you an outdoor area of rest and tranquility. Of course, your backyard cant provide you with rest if it is constantly in need of maintenance and upkeep. Garden ponds are […] Read More

Summer Landscaping Tips

In much of the country, summer is when homeowners put a lot of effort into their landscaping and outdoor spaces. As mother nature treats us to warm and sunny conditions, you may find yourself outside much more often. Who doesn’t like to enjoy beautiful landscaping as they spend time outside? Landscaping can sometimes be one […] Read More

Natural Stone vs Manufactured Stone

Want your landscape to have a premium appearance? Adding some stone accents, surfaces, and retaining walls are a great way to go. But before you can start adding stone, you’ll need to make a few decisions. Of course, you’ll have to decide on the size, shape, and color of your stone. But before you get […] Read More

What To Consider About Landscaping Before Buying A House

Home buyers often arrive at house showing or open houses with long lists of their top priorities for the home they are seeking to purchase. Usually, these lists revolve around kitchen updates, flooring preferences, or layout designs. Most people also consider the overall condition of the interior and exterior of the home, being sure to […] Read More

Restoring And Maintaining Your Paver Patio

When moving into a new home, sometimes you may have to compromise on specific areas that don’t measure up to your dream home standards. A lot of the time you will find yourself compromising in one area of your wish list for another. You may be okay with a smaller house if it has a […] Read More

Establishing a Retaining Wall

Is your lawn hilly or otherwise uneven? While you could go to great lengths hauling in extra dirt, tearing up grass, and trying level things out, there may be a better solution: Retaining walls. Retaining walls are a beautiful addition to your landscape that can help divide uneven sections, create borders, and enhance appearances. Not […] Read More

Adding Ponds and Other Water Features to Your Landscape

When people think landscapes, their minds often jump immediately to green grass, well-trimmed shrubbery, some nice rock placement, and some colorful flowers for a nice accent. But if you really want to transform a lawn into your own personal oasis, some water features can make a massive difference.  Ponds, streams, and waterfalls are perfect ways to bring the great outdoors into […] Read More

Lighting Up Your Landscape

Beautiful landscaping is meant to be seen. While the long days help showcase your lawn in the summer, the spring and fall seasons can leave you out in the dark. This is where landscape lighting can help out.  With the right lighting in place, your landscape can look even better at night than it does during the day. Not only does lighting installation help […] Read More

Latest Project

The story behind this project:

This customer purchased a home in historic downtown Springfield. She needed to repair her former walk path and make it wider. She added some matching steps. The finished product is beautiful, and our customer is very happy!

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Natures Own is a family-owned and operated business in the Springfield, Ohio area. Natures Own prides itself on excellent customer service, superior workmanship, employee satisfaction, and community service.